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Strangers in Space

Dec 31, 2020

Another short bonus instalment to take us into the new year, as we randomly select pairs of Doctor Who stories and then try and divine the connections between them

Dec 28, 2020

From The Christmas Invasion to The End of Time, the Russell T Davies era saw Doctor Who become established as a Yuletide family favourite. But were the tenth Doctor specials any good?

Clay figures created and photographed by Millie McKenzie

Dec 24, 2020

Our Christmas film of 2020 is Frank Capra's 1946 classic It's a Wonderful Life. Plus a rundown of the films we reviewed in 2020; what was our least favourite - and will this one top the list?

Dec 21, 2020

Matt and Simon review the second series of The Mandalorian from Disney+, and discuss the latest Star Wars announcements

Dec 18, 2020

Old Who (that's Ross) and New Who (that's Vic) from the Gallifrey's Most Wanted podcast, go On the Spot for sixty seconds at a time, on randomly selected Doctor Who stories, so you don't have to

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