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Strangers in Space

Dec 30, 2022

A round-up of some of the television we watched over the Christmas holiday, including Inside No 9, A Ghost Story for Christmas, Ghosts and Detectorists. Spoiler warning: we will be talking about plot developments and resolutions

Dec 28, 2022

Spoilers ahoy, as we discuss Rian Johnson's second Knives Out Mystery, Glass Onion

Dec 26, 2022

Simon and Jon enjoy a leisurely post-Christmas chat about Richard Lester's two Beatles movies from the mid-1960s, by way of a (slightly belated) celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of them releasing their first single

Dec 23, 2022

Two films whose reputation has exploded over the years - one an overachieving Will Ferrell Yuletide comedy, the other a Muppet reinvention of a seasonal classic - but which will we choose to talk about in our Christmas Film Club Duet? (Clue: it ain't called a Duet for nothing.)

Dec 21, 2022

Matt leads Team B back through the last five years of Doctor Who, as they examine the Jodie Whittaker era