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Strangers in Space

Feb 28, 2022

JR and Simon take a trip back to the 1980s to talk about playgrounds, peer pressure and programming, and to examine the differences and similarities between The Cure and Depeche Mode

Feb 24, 2022

Another music-themed Film Club Lite review, and this time it's JR's choice: New Zealander Jason Lei Howden's 2015 comedy horror with a heavy metal theme, Deathgasm

Feb 21, 2022

Triumph, or travesty? It's the Trial of a Time Lord, as Season 23 goes under the scrutiny of our own particular Whodiciary

Feb 17, 2022

Did Disney's thirds Mandalorian series live up to the first two...?

Feb 14, 2022

Matt and Mark take a look at the films nominated for Best Picture at the 2022 Academy Awards