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Strangers in Space

Mar 30, 2022

A review of this year's Academy Award Best Picture winning film, CODA, plus a catch-up on a few of the other Oscar nominees in that category

Mar 28, 2022

A review of the latest Spider-Man movie, No Way Home, as it comes to home media; warning: if you've somehow managed to avoid the spoilers surrounding this film, we will be discussing them here

Mar 25, 2022

There's a waft of fin de millénaire on this edition of Film Club, as we head back to 1998 to investigate existential angst among the parallel realities of Dark City, The Truman Show and Pleasantville


Mar 23, 2022

A discussion of the band They Might Be Giants, formed in New York in 1982 by Lincolnites John Flansburgh and John Linnell

Mar 21, 2022

In an admittedly perhaps ill-advised tribute to the career of William Hurt, we decided to go back to the movie that firmly put him on the Hollywood map, Lawrence Kasdan's 1981 directorial debut, the steamy thriller Body Heat. And there is lots of steam. Lots of it