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Strangers in Space

Mar 24, 2023

It's here, but is it any good? We watched Cocaine Bear, so you wouldn't have to

Mar 22, 2023

Our thoughts on the new Luther TV movie, in which Idris Elba's character gets the boot from the establishment where he's been working these last years, and fetches up as a special agent for Netflix instead

Mar 20, 2023

Our recent addition Dylan chooses the eight items he would take with him, if he was about to be marooned on a desert planet

Mar 17, 2023

Now that Inspector Morse's origins have been fully explored - or as fully as writer Russell Lewis is going to - we turn our microphones to the prequel series Endeavour, and ask if it's a spin-off that lives up to its predecessor

Mar 16, 2023

Dylan and JR give their thoughts on the new and recently concluded post-apocalypse drama The Last of Us