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Strangers in Space

Feb 27, 2023

Cult classic or tangerine nightmare? Only in the 1980s could Michael Mann go to the studio with a three-hour cut of his second feature, a demonic horror set in an East European castle during WWII and all playing out to the sound of a synth-pop score. What on Earth would we make of that?

Feb 24, 2023

What's more important, art or humankind-ness? That's the question Todd Field asks in his latest, the Best Picture nominated Tár - but does the film provide any answers? Matt and JR go looking

Feb 22, 2023

A Doctor Who-themed House of Games rip-off, it's Day Two of our 'new' quiz format as JR sets the questions in another series of five rounds

Can also be watched like a real television programme, as part of our YouTube playlist:

Feb 20, 2023

Our co-host Jon chooses films in ten categories, that have made a significant impression upon him

Feb 17, 2023

If you hadn't had enough Groundhog Day already, then here's a contemporaneous television take on the idea, although this second adaptation of Richard Lupoff's  short story hasn't aged nearly as well according to (most of) our panel