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Strangers in Space

Jun 28, 2024

Four of the team who had mostly missed the individual episode reviews, come together to discuss the 2024 series of Doctor Who

Presented by J.R. Southall, with Simon Brett, Mark Donaldson, Dylan Rees and Ben Verth

Jun 26, 2024

All-round good egg and 'occasional' podcaster for hire (and You and Who author!) Si Hart chooses the eight items he would take with him, if he was about to be marooned on a desert planet

Presented by Joe Ford

the Trap One podcast

Jun 23, 2024

It's been a long time since RTD has written a season finale, but how will it stand up to scrutiny? Warning: prepare for swears as we get a bit hot under the collar pulling it apart and trying to piece it all back together again

Presented by J.R. Southall, with Jon Arnold, Matt Barber, Iain Martin and Ian Winterton

Jun 22, 2024

For a time it felt like Mozart and Madigan were the sound of the 1970s, but how does Bo Widerberg's romantic tragedy stand up in 2024?

Presented by J.R. Southall, with Jon Arnold and Matt Barber

Jun 21, 2024

A conversation about the second Doctor and the actor who played him, Patrick Troughton

Presented by Matt Barber, with Jon Arnold, Mark Donaldson and Dylan Rees