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Strangers in Space

Jul 29, 2022

The reaction to Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok follow-up has been somewhat Marmite, but how will the Strangers team react to it? Simon leads the discussion in our review of Thor: Love and Thunder

Jul 27, 2022

A short tribute to the career of David Warner, whose distinctive voice and face graced many a fine film or TV project and who improved those things immeasurably when he did

Jul 25, 2022

There's something evil in the Magic Garden and it isn't Robbie Williams... In this edition of Film Club Lite, we turn our microphones to Dougal and the Blue Cat (released in 1972 in the UK), the first long-form spin-off from The Magic Roundabout

Jul 22, 2022

Simon and JR chat about Bill Plympton's debut feature, the 1992 animated musical The Tune

Jul 18, 2022

Our first tentative steps in the direction of reviewing books, this initial instalment is a potted bibliography of renowned science fiction author John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris, author of The Day of the Triffids, The Midwich Cuckoos and Chocky