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Strangers in Space

Oct 31, 2022

A conversation about FW Murnau's 1922 silent classic Nosferatu and its fictional making of, 2000's Shadow of the Vampire

Oct 27, 2022

A round-up of the less celebrated adaptations of Philip K Dick's writing, including reviews of A Scanner Darkly, Next, The Adjustment Bureau and more

Oct 25, 2022

We had so many contributors to our review of the final thirteenth Doctor story, we had to split into two groups to record it. So here's our 2-for-1 episode on The Power of the Doctor; first JR, Matt, Simon and Lee (yes, Lee!), and then Iain, Jon and - uh - Matt again take over for the second half of the podcast

Oct 25, 2022

Boris drops out of the race and Rishi becomes the only runner of note, and so now we have a new Prime Minister, a real Man of the People. Ahem. It's another edition of Private Members Club

Oct 24, 2022

We each pick our Top 5 Queen songs